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About the Farm

After moving "Up North" in early 2017, Nancy and Randy Pelky found themselves with a beautiful plot of land that they knew they could farm on. After many hours of research and brainstorming, they discovered that Lavender would be the perfect crop for their soil type and climate. 

Nancy and Randy travelled to Washington State to learn from one of the foremost Lavender cultivators in the Nation. They visited many farms, and brought all of the new-found knowledge and passion back home to Buckley. In total, 4,000 Lavender plants are now grown on the property. 

Lavender takes 1-2 seasons to mature into a state in which it can be used for products. At this time, most plants on the property are ready to be harvested and made into great smelling products. 

Nancy participated in the MSU Extension Master Gardener program in 2019. During her time in the program, she developed a strong interest in harvesting and cultivating plants from seeds. This led to the opening of the U-Pick flower area in 2020.

The Rusty Moose is excited to offer its passion to the Buckley area and beyond! We are beyond thrilled with all of the community support since our opening!

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